Welcome to A Sacred Space  

This site is to welcome you home to the sacred way of the soul; a way the Shamans of the world and their ancestors know intimately. It is my purpose to find my way back to the sacred and help others who are willing to venture to such a beautiful place.  Peruvian Shamanism, is the mode of healing that I have chosen.  The ways of the Shaman honor the Mother Earth and all of the creatures that live within Her realm as well as Father Sun, Grandmother Moon and the Star Nations.  The path to wholeness ventures deep within ourselves using the energy of these elements to guide and protect. Deep within we find our light and our dark and the goal is to know both intimately.  When we truly know our whole self, we choose what is expressed.  Patterns of dysfunction challenge this knowing.  It is the work of the Shaman and the client to identify and dissolve these patterns as they serve as barriers to full expression of our Divine Self.  It is my purpose to create a Sacred Space for all to venture into the most important journey of this life.  The journey back to Self.  Please join me.

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A Sacred Space